Thursday, November 29, 2007


By Waleed Gubara

Why shed these tears of sorrow?

Why shed these tears of grief?

Ya nafsy how soon you forget,

After trials come sweet relief

Why turn you from Ar-Rahman?

Why yearn for a listening friend?

Ya nafsy, do you not remember,

On ALLAH, you must depend?

Read you not those stories,

of the trials in days gone by,

Of the Sahabi beloved by Allah,

Who for Allah's cause did strive?

Why loosen your hold upon him?

Why fling away, His outstretched Hand?

Ya nafsy, do you not remember,

Bilal's sabr on the blazing sand?

"Ahad! Ahad!" He cried,

While his flesh did drip and burn.

"Ahad! Ahad!" He cried,

To Allah alone he turned.

Forget you the firmness of Hamza,

As the gleaming swords did fall?

With Sabr he turned to Allah,

as the qureish did slice and maul.

Why drown in salty teardrops?

How can you dare compare your pain?

To that of Yasir and Summayah,

As the lay tortured on the scorching plain?

Forget you the charring of Khabbab,

As on burning coals he lay?

Ya nafsy how meager your suffering,

Wherefore do you lose your way?

Why befriend you not Al-Wali?

Why not in Salat to Him complain?

Like Job who only to Allah,

Turned in all his grief and pain?

Forget you those trials in this life,

Cleanse your heart and make it clean?

Ya nafsy, why all this sadness?

Do you not wish your heart to gleam?

Be patient in all your hardships,

Allah hears your cries of woe.

So trust Him and His hikma,

For He knows best and you don't know.

So tighten your hold upon him,

Lest He withdraw His outstretched Hand!

And remember the example of Bilal,

As he lay anchored on the blazing sand.

"Ahad! Ahad!" he cried,

While his flesh did drip and burn.

"Ahad! Ahad!" he cried,

To Allah alone he turned.


hana said...

This poem makes me cry...

Sultana said...

hana: i really know how you feel!

umzacharia said...

Asalamu 3alaikum,

Subhan Allah, how Allah(SWT) guides us to things that remind us what this very poem discusses. Who would have thought that someone in the US would find this from someone in the UAE,(my favorite place). Allahu teech 3afia wa Allahu barik feesh for posting this.

wa salams,


Sultana said...

Wa alaikum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu my dear Sister!

yes SubhnAllah! Al hamdulilah! Mashallah, Barak Allahu Feeki...Mashallah UAE is a great place to live, really...Inshallah you get the chance to visit here soon :)

Im happy that you found some benefit in this is very touching and is a good example for us on how to hold our faith strong inshallah....

Thanks you dearly for commenting and please visit again, you are most welcome to my little world :)

love,sultana :)