Monday, October 8, 2007

New Muslim's Knowledge Box for UAE

U.A.E. Charitable Book & Cassette Centre
-Sharjah Tel.: +971 6 5220909

Discover Islam
- Dubai Tel: +971 4 3448920

Sharjah New Muslim Center
Sharjah New Muslim Center
PO Box 29291Sharjah, UAE
Telephone: 06-5511050
Directions to the Center:Al Ouraba St. - Al Ouraba BuildingMezzanine # 2

Islamic Online University

Dubai Islamic Affairs and Charitable Services Department (DICD)
Zayed Centre for New Muslims
P.O. Box 16090,
Al-Ain, U.A.E.,
Phone (9713) 829191
Fax (9713) 645816


Anonymous said...

Mashallah. Excellent site. Excellent work.

New comer to Dubai said...

Assalamu Alaikum, Are there any centers / social activities / lectures for muslims and new muslims in Dubai? I am a muslim and I would like to help in such activities and also benefit from the lectures. I also would like to meet more friends muslims or new muslims.
Thank you!

Sultana said...

wa alaikum salam "new comer to dubai" ;)

yes there are many things in dubai! If you see the links in my post 2 of them are based in dubai and you could contact them for more information, also i found this website that might be helpful to you.

sis Abeer said...

Thank you for New Muslim Guide,
I'll use it InshaAllah for a prospect muslim inshaAllah..,,
Thnx sis,
Appreciate it,
May Allah Guide us always..,
sis, abeer

Anonymous said...

Asalaam alaikum my name is ezra im a revert from new zealand and just moved to shajah with my husband.Im searching to find centers for new muslims to learn quran and arabic insha allah,Id also like to make friends with sisters insha allah because Im new to this country and know nobody.My email is (sisters only please)

Ubaid said...

Welcome to dubai new comer,

Well in dubai there is the jumeriah islamic centre n there is Kalemah organization im sure there is much more, depends which language would you like the lectures to be.

Also Sister sultana can you please help me out im trying to find the new number for zayed centre in Al Ain , the number avialbe on net is kind of old , it i sonly 6 digits 03 829191 , and it dosent work.
May Allah reward you

MAS Group said...

hi sis sultana,

i am planning to marry a new muslima, is there any site where i can get to know them. location doesn't really matter, however, i am based in dubai.

would appreciate your response.


Kaizoku said...

Thanks to you (Ukty Sultana) for the efforts to help our brothers in Islam.