Saturday, December 8, 2007

Random Thoughts

-So an American presidential candidate was giving a speech on why he would make a good president, he says to the audience that he will not base any presidential decisions on his own religion or anyone else's religion for the matter, no matter what church they come from...

ERM, do you see the most ignorant idiotic mistake I do in that comment!
Yikes , no wonder he doesn't have enough supporters!
-Just because a person wants to follow their religion 100 percent to their ability doesn't make them a fanatic...Why do something half way, especially when its what you base you whole life on!
-Why do some people cover their awrah for prayer only, and not when they are in public?!?!?
-No matter what status level of life you grew up on you should always have patience and respect for other people. A poor person who is humble is more honorable and noble than a rich man whose ignorant!
-I learned this weekend that people should think about what they want to say before they speak, although i knew that already, i really understood it this weekend when i heard someone put their foot in their mouth more than once.
-I also observed over the weekend something I see alot: A Muslim who thinks that they know everything their is to know about Islam and they think you don't know anything like them....
HELLO! We NEVER know enough! Its not a competition people!
My BIGGEST lesson I learned was that sometimes you have to keep you mouth shut and not comment on other peoples ignorance, because they don't hear you say anything once they've said what they want to say. You could say it 12 times and they will still repeat their sentence to you! Alot of people only hear what they want to and they don't open their minds to the fact that you might be right and they wrong!


hana said...

Very true..

Sultana said...

Salam Alaikum Hana :)

Barak Allahu Feeki Sis :) Im glad you agree!