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Scientific Proofs From the Quran about Creation

Thought #1: "A century ago, the creation of the universe was a concept that astronomers as a rule ignored. The reason was the general acceptance of the idea that the universe existed in infinite time. Examining the universe, scientists supposed that it was just a conglomeration of matter and imagined that it had no beginning. There was no moment of "creation"–a moment when the universe and everything in it came into being. "

Ponder This: Who or what created that matter, how did that matter come into being? Who or what created the supposed infinite time? How can an “object” like matter not be a created item? And lastly, if this was how the universe “came about”, this matter and infinite time had all the power of creation within itself, if this were the case, where did this infinite time and matter get this power to create from and how did it decide when to create our universe without intelligent thought?

Thought #2: "The universe was not a created object, if it were, then it would have to be created instantaneously by God and brought into existence from nothing. To admit creation, one has to admit, in the first place, the existence of a moment when the universe did not exist, and that something came out of nothingness. This is something to which science can not accede. 2"

Ponder This: Can scientists prove with “all their abundance of knowledge” that there is no God? Many scientists chose to ignore the belief of God because it is the one thing that they have NO explanation for!

"He is the Originator of the heavens and the earth."
(The Qur'an, 6:101)

"And it is We who have constructed the heaven with might, and verily, it is We who are steadily expanding it."
(The Qur'an, 51:47)

"Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation), before We clove them asunder, and We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?"
(The Qur'an, 21:30)

"It is He Who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. They swim along, each in an orbit. "
(The Qur'an, 21:33)

"And the sun runs to its resting place. That is the decree of the Almighty, the All-Knowing. " (The Qur'an, 36:38)

"By the sky full of paths and orbits."
(The Qur'an, 51:7)

"He has created the Heavens and the Earth for Truth. He wraps the night up in the day, and wraps the day up in the night."
(The Qur'an, 39:5)

"By Heaven with its cyclical systems."
(The Qur'an, 86:11)

"We made the sky a preserved and protected roof yet still they turn away from Our Signs.."
(The Qur'an, 21:32)

"It is He Who created everything on the earth for you and then directed His attention up to heaven and arranged it into seven regular heavens. He has knowledge of all things."
(The Qur'an, 2:29)

If we count the number of layers cited in this source, we see that the atmosphere consists of exactly seven layers, just as stated in the verse.
1. Troposphere
2. Stratosphere
3. Ozonosphere
4. Mesosphere
5. Thermosphere
6. Ionosphere
7. Exosphere

SUBHNALLAH… could the Prophet Mohammed (sallalahu alayhi wasallm) have known this all by himself!

How could the Quran then not be considered TRUTH.

What HUMAN in the time of the Prophet Mohammed (sallalahu alayhi wasallm) or any time before that have known that the atmosphere had 7 layers!

"Then He turned to heaven when it was smoke. In two days He determined them as seven heavens and revealed, in every heaven, its own mandate."
(The Qur'an, 41:12)

Ponder these verses…Research on Science and the Universe and Look to the explanation of the Verses from the Quran which pertain to this matter.

The Quran itself tells us to Ponder its verses…

"Do they not reflect upon the Qur'an? Or are there locks upon their hearts?"
(Quran 47:24).

"Indeed, in the skies and the earth...are signs for people who reason"
(Quran 2:164)

"Most surely in the creation of the skies and the earth...are signs for people who understand, those who remember Allah...and who ponder the creation..."
(Quran 3:190-1)

"Thus does Allah clarify for you the verses, so that you may think"
(Quran 2:219)
"Do they not ponder the Qur'an?" (Quran 47:24)
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Anonymous said...

continue writing! May allah protect you.

I am now reading Yaseen. I am moved. I decided to memorize the whole koran.

I memorized Mulk, and I am now working on Yaseen. Next inshaallah is Maryem.

I feel deep happiness within myself.

Allahu akbar.

Anonymous said...

Alhamdullilah I needed help with homework for my islamic studies course and that explained my question about exsistence of god. jazakAllah

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Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Sam said...

There are only 5 major layers in the atmosphere. There are 9 if sublayers are counted, but the sublayers already includes 3 principal layers. So your idea of 7 layers in heavens is inaccurate.