Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Thoughts

Don't make a Dua "against" someone,

forgive them,

make a Dua FOR them and leave the justice to ALLAH...

When a person makes Dua after prayer for someone the Angels say Ameen after the person does. So, whatever Dua you are making for someone whether good or bad you are also making on yourself, because, the Angels say Ameen on the Dua you made against someone FOR YOU...

Ex...a Mother in law makes a dua AGAINST her Daughter in law asking God to never give her children or happiness with her son in their marriage...This is horribly WRONG!

Ex...A sister in law goes to MAKKAH and makes Duas against her sister in law asking God to make her not able to bear children and to let her brother divorce his wife....This is even MORE HORRIBLE...

We should always try our best to give our muslim brothers and sisters second chances to be better Muslims, we should conceal their flaws and try our utmost to guide them to the straight path inshallah....Never give up trying to spread a good word and good deeds. Inshallah Allah will reward the patient and the ones who guided others to Islamic monotheism and Islamic lifestyle and Ideals...Do your best to give a good example of yourself and show kindness to non Muslims, you never know how much that might influence their opinion on Islam and it may even help them to become a Muslim and that could be because of you!


Sketched Soul said...

As-salaamu'alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu my dearest sister Sultana,

Masha'Allah, another insightful post.

"make dua' for them and leave the justice to Allah".. how perfect is that! It's actually not as difficult as it sounds, or should I say it gets easier with each dua'. It also keeps the heart pure, and a by making a good dua' for a person (or enemy) it takes forgiveness to a different level, both on the tongue and in the heart.

Yes, yes.. we should show kindness to everyone (non-Muslim as well) and everything around us.

Jazak'Allah for the reminder. :)

Wa'alaykum as-salaam
Love Farhana

Sultana said...

Wa alaikum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu Sis :)

Barak Allahu Feeki :) I think as you said it gets easier with each Dua, its like ALLAh softens your heart more and more each time you make Dua to be more forgiving of others. I totally agree with what youve said 100%, i couldnt say it better :)

""It also keeps the heart pure, and a by making a good dua' for a person (or enemy) it takes forgiveness to a different level, both on the tongue and in the heart.""

Mashallah Farhana that is the perfect description of the feeling it gives!

Thank you my dear sister for always giving me inspiration and insight into the workings of your faith! Mashallah, your comments describe my post better than i can write it!


Sultana said...

ahhhh i meant OUR FAITH! OUR.....not your!

umzacharia said...

Allahu Teech 3afia Sultana for posting this. Subhan Allah it is so scary how Allah(SWT) can guide us to things that help us make the correct decisions. And, as someone who is a revert from so many years ago, it is SOOOO true as far as kindness to non-muslims. Before I came to Islam I had many muslim friends that were so kind to me and NEVER judged me. I drew closer and closer to them until I stated inquiring about Islam, got invited to sisters halqa groups, etc. until I made the decsion to become Muslim. My Allah bless these people and give them much Ajar.

Masha Allah, as always, You rock girl :)

Sultana said...

Barak allahu Feeki :)

I can relate to everything youve said..personally....

SubhnAllah, How many women reverted to Islam after meeting Muslim sisters who treated them with such high respect and made them feel what it is to be a respected Muslimah in Islam...We have to take the chance to learn why a person might be the way they are so that thier hearts are softend to us and ours to thiers so we can help them to the good.

May Allah reward those sisters and brothers who help to guide people to Islam.ameen.....

Thank you so much for your insightful comment!