Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Punishment in Islam for Cruelty to Cats

Hadith - Bukhari 3:553, Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Umar [Also in Muslim, Narrated Abu Huraira]

Allah's Apostle said,

"A woman was tortured and was put in Hell because of a cat which she had kept locked till it died of hunger." Allah's Apostle further said, "(Allah knows better) Allah said (to the woman), 'You neither fed it nor watered when you locked it up, nor did you set it free to eat the insects of the earth.' "
***I think I need to print this on billboards in my neighborhood. All my neighbors are Muslims, yet everyday i see their children running after cats and kittens with big sticks ready to knock them dead. Two days ago "someone or something" killed one of two sibling kittens I care for and feed from the street. I found him, dead, in his favorite sleeping spot. His brother is all alone now. They were inseparable since birth. Its a shame and very sad. His home now is with me and my other 2 cats for the time being, inshallah it will be permanent if my female cat ever accepts him as part of the family!


Sketched Soul said...

As-salaamu'alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu my dearest sister,

I love this hadith! It is one my dad alwayyyyyys mentions when he feeds his fish.

May Allah reward you both for your kindness to His creation. Ameen.

That is so sad to hear about that little kitten. AlhumduliLlah I am happy you are there to look after the one remaining. A just think Sultana, what if this little kitten is your key to jannah! insha'Allah. :D

Wa'alaykum as-salaam
Love Farhana

meeso said...

Hi Sultana...Just looking around at your other blog :) I really like this post...I had a neighbor that did not like our cats running around outside and she locked one in her garage until it starved to death, then came and put a note on our door asking if we lost a cat :( It was so sad, and I was filled up with so much hate for so long until I realized that everything she does she will have to answer for and she will answer for making that innocent animal suffer! I cannot stand seeing animal cruelty! I feel bad for that little kitten and for the kids that aren't being taught that all life holds value, even a little kittens :( Very sad, sometimes I feel like there are more of them and less of us in the world :(